Welcome to the Kelley Family website.  We hope that you enjoy what you see and please be sure to stay in touch with your family.  Send us your email address and contact information so that we may keep you abreast to what is happening in our family.

A Message from Our President

Greetings Kelley Family!  It brings me great pleasure to greet you through an additional means of communication:  Our new family website.  The Kelley Family website has been an ongoing task and project for the Kelley Family Reunion Board.   We feel that this is very important to the longevity and vision of bringing our family closer together.  


One of the obstacles that we are working on getting through is our use of today's technology.  We MUST establish and push a campaign for our family to get more involved with online communications.  This is not only an issue in our family, but our community.  The information and resources are out there, we just have to make a valiant effort to obtain, learn, and use it.  I remember when my mother, Carolyn Kelley Wilson, purchased her 1st computer and I enthusiastically delivered it to her house to hook it up.  After several months of attending a class, she is now sending emails, forwarding jokes (uggh), as well as watching You Tube videos.  Now I know if my mother can do it, then EVERYBODY should be able to do it.  We are in a new day and time and we must still be willing to learn and take new innovations that will help us communicate with one another.


In the essence of Love and Family spirit, I welcome each and everyone of you to the Kelley Family.  Lets open our hearts and minds to new ideas and new ways of keeping in touch as family.  


Warm Family regards,


Marcus Kelley Wilson

President, Kelley Family Reunion